Miss Ritzville

Scholarship Program

The Miss Ritzville Scholarship Program (MRSP) is intended to provide scholarship opportunities for female high school juniors while also developing their self-confidence, teaching crucial life skills for secondary education and beyond, and instilling a sense of pride in their local community while promoting it across Eastern Washington.

Since 1957, there have been 65 young ladies who have been crowned as royalty in this community, including Miss Ritzville, Young Woman of the Year, Junior Miss, Distinguished Young Woman, Miss Lind-Ritzville, and now returning back to Miss Ritzville. Additionally, we have had many ladies from surrounding communities who were their local royalty and have now come to lend their talents and support to this very worthwhile program here. It is not just something that lasts a few weeks during the practices and performance, but becomes part of you with the skills and experiences you take away from your involvement, long into the future.

Participants will have the opportunity to represent the Ritzville community by riding a community float created by the Float Committee of the Ritzville Festivals Association, along with acting as community ambassadors throughout their reigning year. We are excited to be able to continue to provide this valuable and empowering scholarship program for young women in our community and are looking forward to seeing it prosper for many years to come!

Who can participate in the Miss Ritzville Scholarship Program?

Female High School Juniors either attending Lind-Ritzville HS or residing in Lind or Ritzville, WA are welcome to participate for the title of Miss Ritzville.

*We are open to discussions of having female high school juniors residing in Benge, Washtucna, or Sprague participate in the program while competing for their own town’s title.*

Why participate in the Miss Ritzville Scholarship Program?

When is the Miss Ritzville Scholarship Program?

Here is a generic schedule for the Miss Ritzville Scholarship Program. Please check the MRSP Facebook page with more specifics, as the schedule may slightly change each year.

Get Involved!

If you have questions or are interested in getting involved with helping bring this program to life, please contact the RFA's MRSP Committee through the Miss Ritzville Facebook page.

Who are previous royalty of (what is currently called) the Miss Ritzville Scholarship Program?

2024-25: Brooklyn Norton, Madisyn Cameron, Temple Gefre

2023-24: Madison Bartlett

2022-23: [no representative]

2021-22: Amelia Court, Annika Holland, Dakota Killian, Sydney Kinch

2020-21: Grace Saint John, Naya Bonita, Serena Block, Tymber Wolf

2019-20: Katheran Gingrich, Kelley Carleton, Taylor Stromberger

2018-19: Chelsie Watterson, Else Gielisch, Kierstin Witt

2017-18: Rachel Schell, Sierra Kiel, Tessa O'Brien

2016-17: Erica Leffel, Kennea Estler, Tessa Jantz

2015-16: Hallie Jo Galbreath, Holly Nygren, Samantha Asmussen

2014-15: Cassie Ewing, Katie Manke, Kymberlee Webb

2013-14: Caitlin Schoessler, Dalyn Killian, Elizabeth Schofstoll

2012-13: Amalia Perez, Brooke Pichette, Taylor White

2011-12: Bridget Banner, Crystal Brooks, Davis Killian, Dezarae West

2010-11: Brittanie Asmussen, Chauntel White, Jordynn Michelson

2009-10: Andrea Cox, Briana White, Renae Harder

2008-09: Jillian Pflugrath, Michelle Slate, Stacey Dewald

2007-08: Heather Hunt, Natalie Wiltse

2006-07: D'Laney Killian, Kira Preston, Rebecca Schofstoll

2005-06: Ana Maier, Chelsea Larse, Denae Sackmann

2004-05: Amber Slate, Destry Killian, Tiffanie Smith

2003-04: Aundrea Besel, Danielle Lynch, Vanessa Bailey

2002-03: Darcy Brown

2001-02: Kayla Arlt, Kristin Greenwalt, Kristin Kramer

2000-01: Amber Rediger, Amber Shaffer, Joanna Schaeffer

1999-00: Aimee Johnson, Kasie Geschke, Megan Heimbigner

1998-99: Jessica Marshall, Kamie Parrish, Karin Klettke

1997-98: Crystal Walli, Tracy Warriner

1996-97: Angalina Vallone, Caroline Lynch

1995-96: Kristi Hobler

1994-95: Alisha Walli, Jennifer Simonson, Trisha Wellsandt

1993-94: Gretchen Gering, Jolie Copelin, Julie Crossler

1992-93: Melissa Miller, Melissa Phipps, Tana Kimble

1991-92: Christy Hille, Marcie Kravitz, Sarah Hille

1990-91: Emilee Moeller, Karla Danekas, Mistee Pitman

1989-90: [no representative]

1988-89: Andrea Powers, Angela Madden

1987-88: Heather Nielson, Peggy Doherty, Val Undeberg

1986-87: Donna Kramer, Jolie Gross, Nichole Thiel

1985-86: Jodi Schell, Tara Minford, Vanessa Lund

1984-85: Dawn Hardt, Kelley Gross, Sherri McBride

1983-84: Alison Minford, Janell Weise, Lisa McBroom

1982-83: Donna State, Heidi Undeberg, Valerie Buch

1981-82: Adele Harder, Denise Crossler, Vonnie Lund

1980-81: Louann Vargas, Pam Wahl, Tammy Schafer

1979-80: Christine Evans, Heidi Harder, Lisa Kanzler

1978-79: Cheryl Ulleland, Lorrie Hodgson, Michele Kagele

1977-78: Heidi Hille, Stacey Schell, Susan Kison

1976-77: Cindy Meise, Karma Arlt, Pam Hodgson

1975-76: Colleen Geschke, Liz Schuoler, Mary Katherine Sackmann

1974-75: Crys Bauer, Sue Hopkins

1973-74: Janette Walker, Lavina Ruegsegger, Linda Reeve, Patti Ritter

1972-73: Debi Reeve, Jadine Brewer, Jane Krause

1971-72: Karen Ferderer, Peggy Hopkins, Sally Dyck

1970-71: Peggy Meyer, Shannon Ahern, Sharon Leonard

1969-70: Barbara Ketelsen, Janice McCaffery, Nancy Hille

1968-69: Dorann Pavlik, Gail Meyer, Sandy Moeller, Stephanie Roloff

1968: Charlotte Niendam, Kathi Rogel, Shari Barnes, Sue Halwas

1967: Anita Benzel, Bonita Benzel, Judy Krause, Kristen Bernard

1966: Diane Roloff, Kaye Halwas, Lorna Kutschkau, Marcia Schafer

1965: Kristin Kayler, Patty Burroughs, Shary Steinmetz, Sherie Eichner

1964: Diane Templin, Gwen Benzel, Laurice Walenta, Marianne Hull, Sally Jantz, Vada Koch

1963: Beth Ann Stromberger, Carrie Reimers, Judy Jansen, Mary Lynne Halwas, Sharon Tschritter, Sue Webb

1962: Beverly Kison, Brenda Nissen, Kathy Eckhardt, Marcia Devine, Sharon Templin, Shirley Pflugrath

1961: Dianne Smith, Elaine Vostral, Jeanne Pfann, Judy Jaeger, Mary Slipper, Paula Pfannekuchen

1960: Diane Cross

1959: Linda Wellsandt

1958: Dena Freese